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Tuesday 16th August 2016
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    For The Australian Consumer Finance Forum intends to educate, make aware and provide new content for the Personal Lending and Cards Industry.
    The recent changes in Comprehensive Credit Reporting means that credit information is now shared by lenders for the purpose of assessing credit worthiness of new and existing customers.  The end result is more data for the Customer to be assessed with and robust data sets for the banks to use in building a 360 degree view of the Customer.

    Historically, Consumer information shared between lending institutions was limited to credit applications and credit defaults which is known as 'negative' credit reporting. The change in legislation has opened up additional information about the accounts individuals currently have and how well they meet their repayments – known as 'positive' or 'comprehensive' credit reporting.

    This is an opportunity for the lender to increase lending, uplift revenue and deliver better customer service.  It also makes the new cards and lending environment disruptive for Credit, Lending and Cards Banking professionals and as such the application process as changes need to be made to decision management.  Therefore, customer experience will be front of mind in the fast paced dynamic environment that Banks and Cards Issuers face today.  The Australian Consumer Finance Forum is tailored for GM, Heads of, Exec Dir and Regional Manager of Cards, Personal Lending, Credit and Merchant/SME.

    Front of mind issues for the banks right now would be:
    How to win further market share by improving Customer Experience
    Compliance, Governance and Opportunities for automation of processes
    Opportunities to improve the Digital and OmniChannel Application Process
    If you help with any of the above areas or if you offer a solution in the area of Document Management, Payments Technology (API), Credit Bureau, Process Improvement or Business Process Improvement then please contact me.

    Yas Jones, Head of Media Content and Partnerships @ +612 9146 5974,